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Manufacturing pressurised and non-pressurised equipment components

Manufacturing pressurised and non-pressurised equipment components

 For our own needs and those of our individual customers, we provide services related to the manufacture of pressure and non-pressure equipment components. We have modern machinery that enables us to roll up shells and cones from sheet metal and rings from sections, profiles, flat bars and tubes. Our capabilities also include the spinning of flat caps and cones on a PULMAX spinning machine. At the customer's request we are able to prepare ready blanks together with the mechanical processing of sheet metal edges for subsequent welding. For this purpose, we use a planer (edge bander) which is at our disposal. Our modern machines and qualified technological and production staff make it possible for us to offer our customers the highest quality of services


Technical characteristics of selected machines.

Metal sheet spinning machine (PULMAX)

  • Minimum diameter of flat bottoms ø500mm.
  • Minimum diameter of spun cones ø800mm.
  • Maximum diameter of spun elements:
    - ø3500mm (for flat bottoms with thicknesses >10mm - ø2500mm).
  • Maximum thickness - carbon steel 12mm, austenitic steel 10mm.
  • Spinning radii from 20 to 80mm (depending on the thickness of the sheets to be spun)
  • Angle of cone 90≤ α <180.

Metal sheet planer (edging machine)

  • Maximum planing length 10m.
  • Maximum thickness of sheet metal to be processed 80mm.
  • Maximum weight of sheet to be installed 20 tonnes.
  • slide angle 35º

Profile folding machine (3-roll)

  • Minimum diameter of the coiled rings 400mm (depending on the type of profile and the way it is coiled, this value varies).
  • Max dimensions of rolled T-bars 130x14mm
  • Max dimensions of rolled up angles 120x12mm
  • Max dimensions of coiled IPE200, HEA140, HEB100
  • Max dimensions of rolled-up channels: UPN220
  • Max cross-sectional dimensions of flat bars for rings 120x25mm or 75x75mm

Metal sheet rolling machine (4 rollers)

  • Maximum thickness of rolled sheets - 30mm.
  • Working length of rollers (maximum width of rolled sheets) - 2050mm.
  • Minimum diameter of rolled-up jackets - 400mm.

The above data should be treated only as illustrative information. Detailed information on the possibilities of the machine and technical conditions of execution are agreed with customers each time at the stage of enquiry.

Please send us your detailed enquiries. We will be happy to answer your queries.

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