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Hydro-abrasive cutting (WaterJet)

Hydro-abrasive cutting (WaterJet)

Our company's range of services also includes hydro-jet detail cutting.

Advantages of hydro abrasive cutting:

• High precision and accuracy of execution.
• Very high repeatability of details.
• Preservation of intact material structure (without adverse effects of temperature).
• Can cut various materials (steels, plastics, rubber, gasket sheets, etc.)
• High quality cutting surface


Technical data

We have a modern WaterJet cutting machine with the following technical capabilities:

• Working dimensions of table 3000 x 4000 mm (max. sheet size).
• Maximum thickness of cut material 150 mm.
• Dimensional tolerance ±0.1 mm.
• Possibility of cutting complicated openings in pipes.
• Ability to cut edges at an angle (bevelled edge).


We offer

  • Professional technical assistance and advice.
  • Preparation, already at the stage of preparing an offer for the customer, of the cutting of details in sheet format, ensuring optimal purchase of material. It is also possible to prepare a quotation more quickly on the basis of supplied ready-made drawings in dxf or dwg format.
  • Competitive prices are negotiable.
  • Convenient lead times.


Precision and high quality workmanship

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