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Machining of large-size components

Machining of large-size components

We offer specialised machining of large-size elements. We have a machine park equipped with modern machine tools (including those with CNC control), which allows us to provide this type of service. Our qualified employees and well-organised production process guarantee that our customers meet their high expectations. Each order is treated in a special way, with special attention paid to meeting deadlines and to providing a very high quality of service. The tools used and the optimally selected technological parameters of machining ensure dimensional accuracy, repeatability of even the most complex shapes, and, ultimately, satisfaction of our customers. In addition, for machining smaller details, we use smaller machine tools that we have at our disposal - universal lathes, milling machines and surface grinders.

Machine park equipment

Milling/Digging Machine / Horizontal Lathe/Turning Machine
(CNC control):
• c=6000 mm.
• Range in Y axis=3000 mm.
• Range in the Z axis=2300 mm.
• Table dimensions 2500 x 3000 mm.
• Maximum permissible table load Qmax = 25 tonnes.


Some of our projects

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Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością
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